Your photos on you

Tidy shiny photos,

Cosily in your pocket,

Without batteries!

Make my photobook!
Go on! Click on the button!

You have been on holiday in some amazing place, but when you come back, full of stories to tell, and pictures to show, nobody wants to crowd around your phone and think that your stories are tall, tall indeed. Then suddenly, an idea hits you: a photobook, the perfect memento! But phone sized!

You browse the sites, for days on end, but each one is just too hard, just too complicated, an app to install, 3 trillion settings to set, then one day... You hit Photalitarian! You dictate your wishes in a few quick clicks, and leave the rest to the site...

A few days later, your photobook arrives, postcard sized, to fit in your pocket... You take it out, and pass it around, every photo fills the room with wonder, joy, and admiration...