Our Pocket Photobooks

What Will My Pocket Photobook Look Like?

Your pocket photobook will be landscape A6 (about postcard-sized, 4 x 6 inches or 10 x 15 cm), hardcover with sturdy glossy photo quality paper. The printing is excellent. It is a book to treasure forever but also tough enough to carry around and share.

Pricing and Shipping

Check out our excellent value pricing: 9.95 per book in your favourite currency and free shipping to UK and France. Sorry, we are still trying to get good shipping options to USA but for now it’s really expensive! More countries to come!

Or in table form:

Nice Book (24 pages) $9.95 £9.95 €9.95
extra 4 pages $1 £1 €1
So… for example:
Substantial Book (48 pages) $15.95 £15.95 €15.95
Heavy Book (100 pages) $28.95 £28.95 €28.95

Shipping is Free except for USA, but it’s per order, not per book. In summary:

USA $19.95
UK Free