About Photalitarian

Hi! We’re Tim & Sascha, a father & son team, and the co-founders of Photalitarian.

Us, when we have taken a proper photo.
Us, when we have taken a proper photo.

We actually first created this company as a business experience, already it is useful and we hope that it will one day grow into a fully-fledged business. This is a real site, a real company, we are real people, and if you pay for a photobook, yes, you will recieve one. And it will be glorious!


The story begins with a week. A week in which Sascha, Tim’s eldest son, is (at home) on work experience. A few months earlier, Tim had thought of something: instead of doing this normally, with Sascha just watching him writing code, observing him on video-conferences, and making tea, instead they could create a business!

Yes, a business in one week from scratch… Wait, from scratch? No, not from scratch… Exactly one year ago, Tim’s first company, PixxiBook, sold it’s first book, and since then had evolved into one of the most highly recommended on the market. If the new business had stuff in common with Pixxibook, they could nick bits and pieces from the Pixxibook infrastructure, and get along much much easier… So Tim asked Sascha to be ready with 10 business ideas ahead of time. When the big day came, after a debate, the foundations of Photalitarian were set, and from there, it grew into what it is now, and it shall continue growing… (we hope!)


We really value your feedback and would love to hear from you. Write to us at sascha@photalitarian.com and we’ll always reply!