Day Three - We made a book (preview)

18 Dec 2019   by sascha  web   business   pixxibook   site   book   preview

Day 3

This is now Day 3 out of 5, and our mini-enterprise is nearly finished. Day 3 was 100% about the software and programming new changes for the now created site. We still had to link it to the database and make the actual photobook creating part, and then there was more to be done later.

I started at the right time today, and we started straight off looking at Firebase. Daddy explained to me how it worked, and created a new database for our company. He then explained to me why we needed to set some rules up on it, and went to the stripped Pixxibook skeleton and showed me the rules he had set up for PIxxibook. He explained to me each one and what they did, and then selected a few of them and pasted them into the database with a few modifications. I can’t say I fully understood all of it and most of it just boggled my mind, but I went along with it and pretended to understand.

It was then time to put in the previous day’s post onto the blog, so he copied the file which contained Day 1’s post, and told me to replace it by Day 2’s post. I used the updated pie chart on the survey as the image (which, very disappointingly, has turned up as a link and not as an image - only just noticed that now!) which 76.9% for the photobooks and 23.1% for the stickers.

In the meantime, Daddy reduced the file size of the background image (and the quality) that I had made the day before, because the file was so large that it was making the whole site go slower. He also changed some ID numbers that were Pixxibook’s, and changed the book previewer so that you could enter in the chosen title, author, and blurb (without the blurb appearing) and the title and author would appear unformatted in a corner of the book.

Then, I looked on as Daddy connected the site to Firebase (which I just can’t fathom, it’s out of this world for me to be able to connect different devices/files/servers) so that you could like on “SAVE!” and it uploaded your user ID and all the informations on your book to FIrebase.

Daddy then proposed to change the name from Photalitarian with a big P to photalitarian with a small p, so I went through the script, and I uncapitalized all of them I could find. After I had changed my prototype haiku on the front page to a real haiku, my job was to start making a style for the cover and to format the title and author. So I started on that, then it was time for lunch break 40 minutes after the normal lunch break time.

Immediately after the lunch break, I modified a minor thing (Where it said “Stage3” in the footbar, I put “photalitarian”) and added some more styling to the text as well as putting the haiku in bold. Then, Daddy showed me his newest addition: you could now add your own photos (instead of having to use the test images Daddy had put there). Then, as I performed minor changes and took off the tab selection (the “selection” tab and the “Book Preview” tab) and placed the book preview at the top of the selection part, Daddy added a “delete” button on the images (which doesn’t do anything) and empty pages on the preview if there’s not enough images to fill the book. Then I had to go to table tennis and by the time I got back, my work day was over.