Day One

16 Dec 2019   by sascha  web   business

The Stage

First day of “stage”; for a week I have to go into a company and usually “observe” how other people work and then write a 20-page report. One of the many good sides of a parent who works from home is that it is acceptable that I observe from home.

Of course, I’m not actually observing, nor making tea and scones, but actually helping in creating a business. That’s very important, because in the report I have to put in information about the business I was in and it’s logo, history and everything, so we’ve got to get moving if I’m to do my report.

Day 1

Started a bit late today- 9:21 instead of nine. Started straight away with Daddy telling me to download some stuff; first Linux, then Git.

He then showed me around the infrastructure of the stripped Pixxibook code, showing me how it worked, then we moved on to the brainstorming session.

We were each supposed to have 10 business ideas by then, but that hadn’t been achieved by all: I had 13, Daddy 3, and Mama 0. After some debating and research, we ended up choosing a few of mine: posters & photobooks (automated).

The Plan, with a capital P
The Plan, with a capital P

We then did some research on our to-be competitors, and on suppliers, and found that if we limited our margins, we could have lower prices than our competitors shipping and all.

Then I made a recap of the prices for each company using Google Sheets and after playing around with the colours a bit, made up for the lost time in the morning by working 50 minutes overtime before having lunch.

After lunch, played around on Scratch a bit before it was time to continue work. Then, we needed to find qualities that would make our company stand out: we listed them as it being cheaper, easier (automatic), funner, and French, deciding that as there isn’t much competition for photobooks, posters and stickers on the French market, we might as well dominate it.

We then decided to send out two surveys (one in French, one in English) to everyone we knew to check whether we would have a chance of getting any customers. That was my job, and I managed to find 50 email adresses to whom it was appropriate to send the survey to. So far I’ve had 6 answers, and there’s more coming in all the time.

We then decided to come up with a name, and so far our best options are Photalitarian and Photastical.