Day Two - Heads Down

17 Dec 2019   by sascha  web   business   pixxibook   site

Day 2

Day 2 was more about creating the actual software and modifying the Pixxibook script to fit our needs than brainstorming for new ideas and conducting Market Reasearch. In my eyes, we got a good amount done.

Today I started early, around 8:10, replying to answers to the survey I had sent yesterday. So far we’ve got 14 replies, and have used the stats obtained to focus our website. I took the stats and entered them on Google Sheets, then made a pie chart and a column chart out of them. They showed that the mini photobooks were preferred 3 to 1 to the stickers and infinity to 1 to the magnets. 2 out of 14 wouldn’t have bought any of the options with 10 pounds. So we decided to drop the stickers and magnets for now and to concentrate ourselves on the photobooks. My job was then to create a logo for the company. I was advised to start with my favorite colour as a base then work from that. I found a logo maker ( and started off with a yellow circle as the base. I then searched through their icon library until I found a book with empty pages (so just the outline of the pages) and squished it to make it look like a landscape photobook. Then, Daddy passed by and remarked that that way it looked like glasses, and that I could use it to make a face. So I positioned the photobook towards the top of the circle, and using a suggestion from Daddy, put in little silhouettes of people as the eyes. We then chose a simple mouth and it was done. We had by now decided that Photalitarian was to be our domain name as it appealed to us and nobody had bought it.

The survey results
The survey results

Our next step was to change all the bits in the stripped Pixxibook skeleton that had allusions to Pixxibook such as "Easy blog to book" or “Pixxibook is loading”, etc. To change that there was a lot of messing around (I mean a lot) to try and install a platform that could run javascript and while Daddy wrestled with that, I was told to unload the dishwasher.

Once he had managed to install it and I had unloaded the dishwasher, we were ready. So I changed all the "Pixxibook"s in there to "Photalitarian"s and replaced the Pixxibook Logo by our new Photalitarian logo which is so cool. I changed the opening Haiku and its title and wrote a new marketing blurb for the home page. We deleted the “My Books” button and moved the “About” button to where the “My Books” button previously was. I also changed the color and the style of the site, created a new button “Make my photobook” and changed the pop-up notice. In the meantime, Daddy created a preview-maker of the photobook. We both occasionally committed our changes by Git and pushed them up to GitLab and pulled down the other’s changes, until finally we considered it done for the day. Daddy bought and will change the domain name to that later this evening.